They’re in! Design Trends for 2017!

If you, like many other homeowners are looking for design inspiration and trends for 2017 to bring into your home, then here at Sunspace of Central Ohio we have you covered! We have the latest trends to bring in to your home and the latest trends to keep out of your home in 2017.


Add a burst of Terracotta tiles to your home. These aren’t your terracotta tiles used in the 80’s, find modern terracotta tiles with a natural matte finish and add a beautiful feature wall to your main living space or a bathroom to add some extra warmth.


You heard it right! Add a ceiling to floor cork wall in or around the kitchen and use it as a place to pin up posters or fun art your children bring home for you from school. Have some fun with it! Bring it into your home office for a super easy way to keep track of important notes.


Dark green is a very popular color trend right now, bring in a whole green carpet to make a statement or add subtle hints of green throughout each room of your home!


We don’t mean literally, create a small area in your home and use it as a getaway to have some alone time or to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a book. Whatever you decide to use it for you are sure to love this area of your home!

What to stay away from

If you have some of these designs already in your home there Is no need to throw it all out the window and start over, try spreading them out and not using as many. Design experts all agree that these trends will be fading out throughout 2017, so you have plenty of time to slowly transition these trends out of your home.

  • Copper, brass & rose gold designs give the feel of trying to hard, minimize the amount you have around the house
  • Marble- this has been a classic design trend for a while, but it’s time for a change
  • Art with Quotes, as many consumers have over done this trend it’s about time for it to be over
  • Subway tiles, they look great and are very affordable, you see them everywhere! Let’s mix things up!

For more design trends and advice, contact Sunspace of Central Ohio!