Five Accessories to Complete Your Sunspace Sunroom or Outdoor Space

Sometimes you can search high and low for those perfect accessories that make your Sunspace Sunroom or outdoor space feel complete. The small finishing touches or ‘little certain something’ can create the satisfying feeling that your space has reached perfection.

Here are five indoor and outdoor accessories that can give your space that special flare:

Hanging Lights


Creating the right tone and ambience is sometimes all you need to give your Sunroom or Patio is all you need to make your space shine. Finding the right string lights to dance above your head can help complete that whimsical feel you have been searching for. Most string lights also provide enough over-head lighting to see your way around the patio on even the darkest of nights.

DIY Side Table


Bring in your own personal touches by refinishing an old table you already own or make one out of a wooden crate or old shipping pallet. You may find all you’ve been missing is the perfect place to put down your drink or rest those delicious snacks.

Candles & Votives


Sit under a blanket of stars on your Sunspace Decking System, surrounded by candlelight and lose yourself in the night sky. Add votives with splashes of colour that complete the bright and cheerful look of your sunroom or add more intricate votives which tie in your elegant outdoor décor.



Whether it is for your Sunspace Three Season Sunroom or Decking System the element of fire adds warmth and comfort to your space. Reminisce about the past and toast some marsh mellows with your family or loved one.

Area Rug


Whether it is on your maintenance-free Sunspace Aluminum Deck or inside your beautiful Sunroom, an area rug can be exactly what your looking for to help tie everything together.

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