Four Fun Fall Festivities for your Family

As the hot summer nights come to an end and the crisp cool breeze of autumn begins to roll in, it can become harder to find fun family activities to keep your kids entertained. However, fall is all about making the most of the last beautiful days of summer before winter comes and steals your outdoor oasis for another year. Here are five fun fall festivities for your family to enjoy together in your Sunspace Sunroom, Screen Room or Deck:


There is nothing more magical than sitting around a fire pit on your Sunspace Vinyl Deck, curled up under the moonlight, enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire. Sit back and relax with your family while you enjoy roasting hot dogs or delicious chocolate s’mores. Use Cadbury Caramilk Bars for your s’mores to make them extra milky and creamy bites!

Rainy Day Arts and Crafts

Set up an arts and crafts table in your Sunspace Sunroom and look online to find some great fun fall crafts your kids will enjoy! Here are a couple websites to help get you started:

Country Living ( )

Freebie Finding Mom ( )

Children’s Theatre

 Let your children’s imagination run wild as you have your Weather Master Plus Stacking Door System with Vertical 4-Track Ventilation set the stage for your child’s next performance or skit. By opening up your doors you allow your kids the feeling of a true stage production. While they prepare and get ready for the show outside the doors, you can enjoy the children’s performance from the comfort of your Sunspace Sunroom.


Sunspace Screen Rooms or Porches make for the perfect place for your child to set up a fantasy fort. Give your kids a few folding chairs, extra blankets and pillows and watch as they become architects and designers of their own creation. You can even buy your kids Crazy Forts  which comes with rods and connectors so your child can create a variety of play structures all on their own!

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