SlideClear pleated screen system (for large openings & retrofitting)

The Sunspace SlideClear pleated screen system is a revolutionary solution to many situations where retractable screens are needed. The SlideClear screen system can be designed for openings as large as 10 feet tall and up to 32 feet in width. SlideClear has no bottom raised track or guide, instead it uses an extreme low profile PVC guide that is only 1/8 inch tall and can go over most surfaces.

These systems are cost effective and low maintenance that are simple to install. It has a revolutionary bottom guide system and uses P.E.T. pleated screen mesh that is up to 3x more durable. The stylish design easily integrates into any addition of the Sunspace Acrylic patio covers and is extremely easy to clean. The SlideClear screens are ideal for existing porch conversions.

Click on the image below to download the Slideclear Brocure