How to Tastefully Decorate your Home or Cottage this Halloween

With your newly installed Sunspace Sunroom you may not want to decorate your home or cottage this Halloween with cob webs and spooky Halloween decorations. We have given you a bunch of new ways to decorate your home this Halloween both inside & out!

Pumpkin Window boxes

This can work for both inside and outside your home, to create this beautiful look for outside pick out some extra medium size to smaller sizes pumpkins and place them in your window boxes surrounded by your other fall plants. To add some Halloween spirit inside your home grab some artificial pumpkins and vines in a wooden box and place it as a center piece in your new Sunroom.

Add a splash of White

Go and get some white baskets and an array of fall planted flowers all in white, grab some extra pumpkins from the pumpkin patch and spay paint them in white leaving a few bright oranges ones to be placed throughout arrange it on your front porch or on your lawn for a beautiful fall arrangement that can stay out all fall.

A Country Home

If your going for more of a rustic look, try this on for size. Grab some hay bales, corn stalks, mums and pumpkins. Create 2 bunches of corn stalks and tie 1 on each side of your railing, then at the bottom of your front steps place your hay bales neatly to either just one side or split them up. Place the bright orange, red & yellow mums on either side of your front steps and scatter them down your walkway (if you have one, if you don’t then one on either side of your door will look just fine.). Finally take the pumpkins and leave them un carved and place them throughout this scene.

Mums are a great fall flower and can brighten up any area you put them in. Decorate your Sunroom this fall and enjoy the outdoors even more while staying warm inside, or show off the new festive decorations in your new Sunspace Sunroom and make all the neighbors jealous.

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