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Are you a homeowner looking for design inspiration and what design trends to bring into your home? Want to learn how to get more out of your outdoor space this season? Looking for different products to improve your home or cottage? We've got answers!

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Spring Decor and Design Tips For Your Sunroom

Here are some décor and design tips for your Sunroom to make you fall in love with your Sunroom again this spring. If you have a sunroom, it is probably your favorite spot in your home. The enormous windows offer not only natural daylight and landscape views but a comfortable space to relax and rest. Sunrooms […]

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Get The Most Out Of Your Sunroom

GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SUNROOM AND OUTDOOR SPACE THIS SUMMER AND FALL Most people lіkе hаvіng an outdoor space or ѕunrооm thаt can either be used fоr brеаkfаѕt оr as a relaxing area. Gоіng through уоur сору of the newspaper, аlоng wіth morning coffee, becomes a gеnuіnе рlеаѕurе еасh mоrnіng. Thе WeatherMaster Sunrooms […]

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They’re in! Design Trends for 2017!

If you, like many other homeowners are looking for design inspiration and trends for 2017 to bring into your home, then here at Sunspace of Central Ohio we have you covered! We have the latest trends to bring in to your home and the latest trends to keep out of your home in 2017. Terracotta […]

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Happy Holidays from Sunspace of Central Ohio

As we reach the Holidays, all of us at Sunspace of Central Ohio would like to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Holiday! Please stay safe this holiday season and enjoy your time spent with family and friends. Start your New Years off with a new Sunspace Sunroom, contact Sunspace of Central Ohio […]

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Adding Warmth to your Outdoors this Winter

Planned on adding a deck to your house this past summer but never got around to it? Whatever the reason may be it’s not to late to get the deck of your dreams and still have enough time to enjoy it before the snow starts to fall. Add a Sunspace Sunrooms ThermaDeck to your home […]

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How to Tastefully Decorate your Home or Cottage this Halloween

With your newly installed Sunspace Sunroom you may not want to decorate your home or cottage this Halloween with cob webs and spooky Halloween decorations. We have given you a bunch of new ways to decorate your home this Halloween both inside & out! Pumpkin Window boxes This can work for both inside and outside […]

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Four Fun Fall Festivities for your Family

As the hot summer nights come to an end and the crisp cool breeze of autumn begins to roll in, it can become harder to find fun family activities to keep your kids entertained. However, fall is all about making the most of the last beautiful days of summer before winter comes and steals your […]

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Five Accessories to Complete Your Sunspace Sunroom or Outdoor Space

Sometimes you can search high and low for those perfect accessories that make your Sunspace Sunroom or outdoor space feel complete. The small finishing touches or ‘little certain something’ can create the satisfying feeling that your space has reached perfection. Here are five indoor and outdoor accessories that can give your space that special flare: […]

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Five Ways to Improve Your Home or Cottage this summer

Sunspace of Central Ohio offers a variety of different products to improve your home or cottage. From upgrading your screen room, adding a sunroom, or installing a deck – Sunspace Sunrooms can assist you in customizing your home or cottage to fit your needs and design. Bring the outdoors in, extend the functionality of your space […]

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